Believing in an educated nation, Abdullah City aims to strengthen Pakistan’s future as a nation. With conscientiously designed school setup and finest team of educationists to facilitate objective learning, Abdullah City is securing a desirable future for your children. Fully equipped science laboratories, computer rooms, libraries and playgrounds, Abdullah City runs a host of primary and secondary education schools providing the highest quality of teaching and extracurricular activities for an all-round balanced growth of our most precious assets, our children.


A very integral part of any community living concept is to have complete and comprehensive medical services, so that the residents feel well cared for. The medical facilities at Abdullah City are equipped extensively with the most modern and sophisticated medical equipment run by experienced and highly qualified medical specialists.

Commercial Zones

The Abdullah City Commercial Zones are designed and managed to house all the retail items of daily and specialized needs. From grocery to designer clothes, heart snatching and home decor are all available for the convenience and independence of our precious family members; the residents of Abdullah City.


Abdullah City is a pretty spirit lifting place to live. The nature-full serene setting reminds us all of the boundless blessings Allah, The Creator, has arranged for our peace. “The Home of Allah”, Mosques, in such settings is but our humble effort to thank our Allah Almighty for His kindness.

Garbage Disposal

Beauty is easier achieved but harder maintained. We have therefore diversified our civil maintenance wing in order to cater to all the major focuses in maintenance. Our trained staff with the modern cleaning and disposal equipment ensures that the roads are kept clean, the garbage bins are emptied daily and any and all littering is removed before becoming visible.

Security System

Abdullah City has installed comprehensive security systems throughout the project to ensure secure living standards for the residents. Abdullah City security department is equipped with highly trained and resourceful security personnel who are consistently patrolling the vicinity.

Maintenance Services

Afraid to have strangers in your house to fix a problem or regularly facing delays due to scarcity of time after the office hours to resolve domestic issues. We ensure that you are not bothered by such petty matters. 24 hours doorstep maintenance services are available on a single call from your home to the Abdullah City Maintenance Services Wing. No service charges except material replacements and that too without you having to bother looking for someone


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