Environment And Safety


This policy confirms the commitment of Abdullah Marketing to carry out its health and safety responsibilities and duties in a manner designed to achieve and maintain a high standard of protection for our employees, the environment, property, equipment and the public in the conduct of our business. We will apply this policy and continually strive to enhance these standards in all of our operations, from the initial planning and design stage through construction, final turnover and start-up, and continuous operations. All Abdullah Marketing management,supervisiors and employees along with our direct contractors / sub contractors / consultants / commissioning agents and their employees are charged with the responsibility of providing and maintaining the highest degree of health and safety performance, and the protection of our environment as well as the safety of others affected by our work. It is this commitment to excellence that motivates Abdullah Marketing to be diligent in the placement of supervisors and the selection of contractors and suppliers.Through our established programmes, as well as relevant training and open communication, we nurture the employees’ desire to excel in the areas of Environment, Health and Safety performance of the project work. While complying with the Governments’ Environmental Health and Safety regulatory requirements, we will also meet or exceed recognized standards as an integral part of this policy.
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