Grid Station

Candle light dinners are most enjoyable when they are not forced. In today’s modern world of electrical home appliances we realize that poor maintenance of the electricity supply may mean a loss of a few expensive appliances alongside added inconvenience. Thus in order to keep your passionately light decorated houses glimmering we have commissioned a dedicated grid station to ensure high reliability power supply.

Road Network

Roads are like arteries in the human body, if any gets blocked or falls out of circuit, the entire system suffers. The road network in Abdullah City is designed keeping the criticality of smooth flow. Roads have been made so as to connect the various projects in Abdullah City this creates a sense of community like no one else does. Members are able to benefit from the amenities & facilities in other projects with ease.


Have ever thought of having a short stroll to the vicinity market and then thinking of all the traffic and mud eventually driven over in your car. Why? Because it was inconvenient and thus discouraging to walk in the absence of a foot path.





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