Premium Supermarket

“Abdullah City”, is another super mart but with a distinct look that supersedes all claims of its peers in the same category as an international level Shopping Malls.Located in the most prestigious place, it unravels the true intrinsic values and a shopping experience.

Commercial Centers

The Splendor of Silence, Surrender and Serenity.Along with an extensive range of retail, restaurants and entertainment options.there are many unique features to the Mall unlikely to be found in any other complex in the country.

The Spa

The Spa is an exclusive day resort where even the most stressed and anxious spirits find relief. Pamper yourself with the exclusive services.Everything you would need to relieve yourself of stress can be found within this one spa.

Park & Zoo

Abdullah City is filled with parks and zoos. Animal exhibits are spread all over Abdullah City and animals from dogs to reindeer’s from cougars to lionesses can be found in certain locations.


Dining out is an important part of the Pakistani lifestyle. Be it with family, associates or just a casual night out with friends;the traditional love for cuisines always culminates these outings at restaurants, hotels and food courts.
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